Welcome to Terpenes

Have you ever wondered what attributes to the aroma, effect, and flavor of cannabis? You’re probably not alone. Let’s introduce some common terpenes found in cannabis.


Earthy and fruity, also found in thyme, mango, and lemongrass. Mycene is responsible for the sedative effect of cannabis.


Found in basil, pine needle, and rosemary Pinene is the most common terpene. It is touted for its anti inflammatory properties, anxiety relief, as well as pain relief.


Citrusy and bright Limonene is known to lift mood, relief stress and anxiety. Limonene is also found in lemon, orange, and juniper.


Found in cinnamon, clove, and black pepper caryophyllene can activate our endocannabinoid system to provide anti-inflammatory effects.


Also found in lilac, nutmeg, and cumin. Terpinolene is believed to have uplifting and euphoric effects.


Also found in sage, ginseng, and hops. Humulene packs powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can help improve digestion.